• ZAP is a wireless power extender. Think of it as a wireless extension cord.
  • Power and range to be announced soon.
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How it works

Transmitter plug
USB Port
High-performance plastic
Cooling vents
  1. Transmitter plug
  2. USB Port
  3. High-performance plastic
  4. Cooling vents
  5. Receiver
ZAP has 2 sides – Transmitter (plug) and receiver (socket + USB port). Plug the transmitter into your wall socket. Plug whatever you need into the receiver and you are good to go.
ZAP does not work through walls and large objects like furniture. Yet! We are working on a solution so sound waves can bounce off walls and objects to reach the receiver even if it`s permanently blocked by something.

Between devices

You and your pets can safely walk between the working device without interrupting it. That`s because ZAP
has a built-in battery at the receiver that stores power for short cut-off periods.
You can turn any wired device into a wireless device or use it
as a replacement to your extension cord.

first of its kind

ZAP Is not yet available to the public but leave your email below and we will keep you updated
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