We didn't know it was impossible, so we did it

Let us explain


First the receiver sends out a request.
Rather than playing loud sounds, it emits ultrasound frequencies that cannot be heard by you or your pets.

Sound wave

The ultrasound flies through the air towards the receiver. Humans can only hear frequencies that lie in the middle of 20 Hz -20 000Hz, allowing for a noiseless transfer of power.
The ultrasound acquired by the receiver is converted into electric power.


As long as the receiver continues to send requests for sound, the transmitter continues transmitting. Once the receiver stops requesting sound, the power delivery comes to an end.

From now on you can think of
wireless power like wifi

We are advocating that our technology would become industry standard and our transmitters installed across all public and private platforms such as train stations, airports, schools, homes, cars etc. and our receivers integrated into all devices that need power.