It is hard to imagine a world without sound as it is an essential part of our lives. With the advent of technology sound has become more than just a means to communicate; we have been safely using ultrasound for medical applications for decades. After years of research and tests, we have built upon the ultrasound technology something that has the potential to change the world.

Compliance with other tech

Nomorewires unique nature makes it the perfect wireless power technology as it does not interface with any current electronics and communication systems, enabling it to be safely used in hospitals, vehicles, and aircrafts.

The animal kingdom

The effects of ultrasound on animals can be varying as they can hear at frequencies much different than humans. Still, our technology has been designed, developed and tested to be safe to use around mammals, birds and especially cats and dogs that are more sensitive to ultrasound.

NoMoreWires tech and regulations

We have worked with the leading legal authorities to ensure that our system is in accordance with the EU and FDA requirements for consumer electronics. With continuous safety and performance tests being conducted by third party experts,
they have deemed the nomorewires tech to not just simply meet all the regulatory and safety requirements, but far exceed them.