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NoMoreWires welcomes passionately dedicated people to join us in exploring the outer bounds of possibility. We encourage you to contact us if you feel you have what it takes to conceptualize and create world-changing technology.
We seek those who have elevated degrees and experience in physics and engineering, who are shining examples of problem-solvers and team-driven leaders.

Together at NoMoreWires

We are committed to providing the highest standard working conditions and encourage creativity among our workforce. Our aim is that each employees uniqueness is recognized and they are able to give their best.
Engineering Project Manager
This role manages and tracks schedules and communicates risks and priorities. The successful candidate will be following up on day to day activities with the engineering team having the top level project goals in sight at all times.
Transducer Acoustics Engineer
We are seeking candidates with physics/EE background focused on electromechanical transduction devices, specifically, design, test, simulation and construction of piezoelectric transducer systems.